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Where We Volunteer

Pathways For Life Academy

Volunteer at Pathways: Our Programs

Volunteer Opportunities

Peer Interaction

At Connect A Kid, we strive to empower the lives of neurodiverse youth in the greater Central Florida community through our service programs. Our volunteer opportunities are designed to provide kids of all ages with valuable peer social interactions. Whether it's just a chat about life or a fun game of UNO, interactions with abled peers can provide valuable knowledge about social cues.


On February 12th, we will assist Pathways For Life Academy with setting up for their annual semi-formal event.  All volunteers are also welcome to attend and support students with the respect and positivity Connect A Kid has been known for while we continue making a difference in their lives.

Interacting through play

By playing board games like Money Bags - a game which focuses on counting and saving money - incredibly important life skills can be taught in a fun and engaging environment for everyone!

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