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SALT - Service And Love Together

Jay Khemchandani
SALT Outreach Service and Love Together


When researching root causes of why so many neurodiverse end up homeless in Central Florida, I came across Service And Love Together, otherwise better known as SALT. Founded by Eric Camarillo in 2011, their service stations are located in downtown and is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is "to exemplify the character of Christ through relational evangelism, meeting the needs of the community, equipping people for service, and fostering spiritual growth."

SALT is in need of clothing donations and specifically, men's clothing.  They have a shortage of suits and blazers, dress pants, shirts and ties.  These are much needed for people to go for job interviews in, so please consider donating to this worthy cause.


More information about SALT can be found at their website 

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